Winters in New England can be unpredictable to say the least, just this last week alone we’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures and rain followed by dips into the single digits, ice and then snow.  I’ve changed coats and clothes multiple times a day lately.  Now, I’ve mentioned before that I work full time  so keep in mind that my wardrobe has to include both “work” clothes and clothes for work and since we’re getting out of debt I need to maintain that wardrobe frugally.

There are a few pieces of clothing that I’ve found to be super helpful in the winter time and that I can repurpose as much as I need to, which is a big bonus.  Anytime I can buy one thing and use it in multiple ways, I’m happy.

Winter Wear

  • Fleece-lined tights:  Fleece lined tights are amazing! Seriously, on cold days at work they pretty much save my life.  They look like normal tights but feel like soft, fuzzy fleece pants on the inside.  I also layer these under my jeans or other pants for work around the homestead.  Since they are under my work pants they stay in good shape and I’ve had several pairs for a few years now.


  • Flannel Shirts:  Apparently flannel shirts are back in style (I can rarely be considered stylish) The good thing is you can now easily find them at a good price.  Flannel shirts are great for layering under jackets and sweaters.  I have some that are nice enough for me to wear to work and since they are thicker than they average button down they keep me much warmer.

Winter Wear

  • Wool Sweaters:  Wool is an awesome natural fiber, we often use it when cloth diapering because it is fast drying and it works the same way in sweater form.  Wool keeps you warm and dry which comes in handy when you are outside in the snow.  I have sweaters that are nice enough to wear to work but sturdy enough to pull on when I’m out feeding the chickens or clearing snow.


  • Scarves: I love scarves.  They are an easy way to dress up an outfit while staying warm and cozy.  I have a lot of different ones but my favorite by far came from the Lumber Gypsy. She is an awesome work at home mama who makes beautiful scarves, headbands, shirts and more!

I mentioned earlier that we are going debt free and that makes it hard to run out and buy new clothes.  I have always enjoyed shopping at thrift stores and since stumbling upon Thred Up I’ve been even happier.  Thred Up is an online consignment store that has great prices and is designed so that you can easily search for exactly what you want.  My favorite thing about using Thred Up is that I was able to send them a lot of my old clothes and they paid me for them in store credit.  So i basically exchanged old clothes for new clothes…I like the way that works!

Thred Up

Thred Up is currently offering $20 in store credit for people who sign up through my link.  That’s $20 of free clothes just for hopping over and checking out the site! Click HERE and start shopping.

How do you dress in the winter time?  Have you used Thred Up before?