I get so many questions about washing cloth diapers, that seems to be what everyone is the most concerned about.  Honestly, once I started with my diapers I quickly realized that it was actually just as easy as another load of laundry.

Before you wash

Store your diapers in a wet bag until you are ready to wash them.  Make sure to spray or rinse any that need it before putting them in the bag.

Washing Diapers


Throw your diapers in the washing machine and run it on a rinse or quick wash (depending on what settings your washer has) with no soap.  This is to rinse away some of the yuckies and add some weight / water to your washer.

2. Wash

Run a wash cycle (heavy duty if you have that option) with hot water and detergent.  If you start asking around you’ll find that everyone uses a different detergent and that’s ok.  Use what works for you, the only things that you need to avoid are brighteners / softeners and fragrances / dyes.  Use the amount recommended by the brand for the size load you are running (you DON’T need extra soap).

3. Rinse twice

The key to clean diapers is rinsing out the detergent.  If soap builds up on your diapers they will start to repel moisture instead of absorb it and that’s no good.  Two rinses might seem like a lot but trust me, it’s going to make sure your diapers are coming out clean and soap free.

4. Dry

Make sure you read the labels on your diapers.  Drying is one of those things that varies depending on the brand.  In general, I prefer to line or air dry my diapers and then toss them in the dryer for a quick fluff with some dryer balls.

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