I love me a good top ten list, especially one that makes it easier for me to do my Christmas shopping.  So with that in mind I had Ian come up with the top 10 things a homesteading dude needs.  Here are the things he uses everyday, that make life around here so much easier.  I hope it gives you some Christmas ideas!
1. Flannel Lined Jeans – Rough and tough on the outside, pajamas on the inside…need I say more?
2. Leather work gloves – For wood splitting, brush hauling, tractor fixing, and everything else you can think of
3. Antique tractor – I know what you’re thinking, but apparently antique tractors are like the homestead dudes version of chapstick (you must have one in every flavor)

4. Chainsaw – See the above comments about antique tractors.  Seriously though, the chainsaw is really useful, without it our house would be cold and our yard would still look like a jungle.
5. Hand tools– screw drivers, wrenches, hammers, pry bars, all that good stuff
6. Vest – Not the Mr. Rogers kind, the canvas “work man” kind.  They are warm, have lots of pockets, and make the homestead man look a bit like a logger, if you are into that sort of thing.
7. Boots – Work boots or muck boots or both
8.Multi-Tool – It’s kind of like a pocket knife but with a million other fun things to play with.
9.Tool Box – Got to stay organized and it’s great if you need to grab it quick and head out to fix that antique tractor

10. A Dog – They are, after all, man’s best friend.

What are you getting for the “homestead men” in your life?