Father’s Day is a perfect holiday for homemade gifts, they can be so much more personal and meaningful than store bought gifts and are a great way to get the kids involved. Plus, they can be very inexpensive which is never a bad thing.  I can’t tell you what Matilda and I (and the new little bean) are doing for Ian this year (He’ll read the post and the secret will be out) but here are some other fun ideas.

1. “Pop” bottles:  I made this for Ian last year, when I was pregnant with Tilly.  It was super easy and he loved it!  I took a 4-pack of his favorite soda and decorated it as a new “brand” that was dad-approved.  You can see the picture of my final product above, I think it turned out great!

2. Coupon Card: This one is great for older kids.  Have them create a little book of coupons that dad can turn in for things like “One free car wash” or “One batch of chocolate chip cookies”.  Tilly and I did this last year and it was a big hit! She had coupons like “Read me your favorite story” and “Let’s go for tractor ride”.  I added some of my own including “Your favorite dinner” and “You pick the movie”.  We bought a new wallet (something he needed anyway) and filled it with the coupons and a family picture.

3. Grill Master: Daddies love to grill (at least all the daddies I know) and grilling requires a good apron. Bust out the fabric paint and make it personal.  Dad will treasure it forever, and use it to embarrass their children when they are older.

A personalized apron hand painted by little hands, with a little help from mommy

4. Get Cooking: Cook up dad’s favorite meal (with help from the little ones of course) and have the little waiters /waitresses serve it to him.  Decorate the table with some drawings or art projects to make it even more special.  I have tons of great recipe ideas pinned to my Real Food Recipes pinterest board, if you need a little inspiration

5. Desk Decorator: Does daddy work in an office? Have the kids paint or draw a series of small pictures and put them in some matching frames, they can sit on a windowsill or bookshelf and brighten up the office.  Plus, dad will get to show them off to everyone.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Father’s Day?