This is recipe (if you could call it that) is the perfect “Quick I need a treat for the potluck / bake sale/ holiday gift exchange/ classroom valentines party”.  I love the slow baking process of sourdough but sometimes Mama just doesn’t have time for that and thankfully, I’ve got this little trick up my sleeve to get treats made in no time at all.

Okay, so I know these are far from healthy or even real food but its a treat so take a deep breath, pour a jar of kombucha and let yourself snack on a couple…80/20 my friends.

pretzel bite assistants

Trusty assistants are required for this project

Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Ingredients (Ha!)

A big bag of pretzels (shape and size are totally up to you but I like the traditional ones)

A big bag of your favorite chocolate  covered caramels (you know what I’m talking about)

Chocolate Pretzel Bites


Get yourself some trusty assistants to open the candies

Lay out one layer of pretzels on a wax paper (this is key) lined baking sheet

Top each pretzel with a candy and give it a pretzel hat

Bake for 4 minutes or until the chocolate is soft.  Take them out of the oven and give each one a little push to keep the tops from sliding off.

Make sure they cool completely before packing them up.  They can get very sticky otherwise.

And thats it. See I told you they were quick and easy! Plus they are the perfect mix of salty and sweet…enjoy!

Chocolate Pretzel Bites