In my last post we discussed “China Cheapies” and how unsafe and unregulated diapers are being marketed to people who don’t have a lot to spend on diapers.

Thankfully, there are other ways to cloth diaper cheaply, without having to compromise on quality and safety.

Allow me to introduce you to Flats, Prefolds, and Covers.


These are not the prettiest of cloth options and they take some getting used to but they are inexpensive and work great! In fact, I still reached for flats even when I had other options.


Simply, flats are large squares of 100% natural fiber, they can come in cotton, hemp or bamboo.  They can be folded in a number of different ways and used on their own with a water proof cover, or as an insert in a pocket diaper.  The cheapest and easiest way to purchase flats is to buy “Flour Sack Towels” at your local store (Target and Walmart both sell them, with the dish towels and pot holders).  I have paid as little as $2.99 for a pack of 4…you can’t go wrong with that price!


Prefolds are basically already folded flats (hence the name).  They can come in a variety of different materials including cotton, hemp, and bamboo.  They are a  bit easier to use than flats (less folding) and the most common way to use them is to fold them in thirds and lay them inside a cover. They can be purchased at cloth diaper retailers.


Both prefolds and flats are very absorbent but they aren’t waterproof.  That’s where the covers come into play. Covers are a waterproof layer that you put over the top of the prefold or flat.  They keep everything contained and keep baby dry.


My favorite brand to recommend when people are looking to cloth diaper on a budget is Buttons Diapers.  Their covers are only $11.00 and the inserts are 3 for $23.25.  I typically recommend 4 covers and 12 inserts per day, thats a grand total of $137 for a full day of diapering!  *Buttons, like everything at Squigglybugs is CPSIA compliant.


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*I am the Lead Educator for Squigglybugs LLC.  All opinions are my own and this post contains affiliate links.