In the first post of this series, I shared all of my tips and tricks for packing and planning a real food friendly camping trip. We choose to go camping as a family instead of other types of vacations because we find we have more control over what we can bring and what activities we do, plus we love being outside in nature!

Simple Guide to Taking Real Food Camping

Now that you know the basic tips, I’m going to share our meal plan.  This is what we packed and served for our 3 day camping trip and it’s all laid out so you can follow the same plan or adjust it as you like.  Quick tip: Use a solid block of ice instead of ice packs or ice cubes, it will last much longer!  We froze water in a gallon size ziplock bag (lay it flat in the freezer) and it fits right along the side of the cooler, taking up way less space than big ice packs.

A Word  About Snacks

I plan on lots of snacks while we are camping since we are so active and tend to get hungry often.  Simple, car and backpack friendly snacks are key which is why I tend to pack more packaged foods than we typically eat.  I keep a close eye on ingredients to make sure we are allergy safe and look for ones that are as close to what I would make as possible.  Baby carrots and clementines also make great snacks and I can pack them in small containers to make it easy to carry them.


A Camping Menu using real food

Friday Dinner

We left mid-afternoon on Friday with full water bottles and some KIND brand granola bars for the car ride.  It was roughly a 3 hour drive to the campground and I knew we would be eating dinner a bit later than usual so I made sure that we had our granola bars about halfway through the journey to tide us over.

Once arriving I quickly got to work assembling the sandwiches, while Ian and Tilly unpacked and got settled.  We were able to sit down to a simple dinner about 20 minutes after we arrived, which worked out perfectly since we were all hungry by then.

Saturday Breakfast

We always wake up early when camping (thank you, 3 year old) so I plan a big breakfast.  we’re awake anyway so why not?  French toast is easier than trying to mix up pancake batter and it uses up bread from the night before.  Quick Tip: Invest in a cast iron griddle, those things are amazing and can go right on top of a grill or fire.

Saturday Lunch

Since we had activities planned through out the day, I packed sandwiches that didn’t need to be refrigerated and simple snacks.  Quick Tip: Bagels make a great bread for sandwiches that will be packed since they don’t get smooshed easily and tend not to get as soggy either.

Saturday Dinner

No need to rush this so we roasted everything over the fire.  Tin foil, while a bit wasteful, makes clean up a breeze.  It also helps keep the chicken moist which is a big plus.  I roasted extra vegetables tonight so that we could throw them in with our eggs in the morning.  You can even meal prep while camping!

Sunday Breakfast

Our last meal at the campground.  I used up the rest of the eggs, bagels, and the leftover roasted veggies which meant we had way less to pack back up and haul home.  This was a great meal to fuel us for the packing and driving.  We filled our water bottles one last time for the car ride and made sure that everything else was securely packed away.

 We do plan for a couple treats…it is a vacation after all!

Our campground has an ice cream social on Saturday nights which we always plan to attend and we grabbed lunch at a local diner (that happens to serve a ton of local produce and products) on the way home on Sunday.

Well, have I inspired you to go camping? I’d love to hear about your vacation plans or answer your real food while camping questions.  Leave a comment here or head over to our Facebook page to join in the conversation!