It’s that time of year when moms walk like zombies into stores with lists of school supplies, kids run screaming at the thought of having to wear shoes all day, and nobody wants to get up in the morning…too dramatic? okay fine.

Really though, its time for a lot of families to start thinking about heading back to school.  I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help make that transition a bit easier for everyone.  Easy, smooth and not a lot of work are my three favorite ways to do things after all.

Preparing to Head Back to School

Routine: Plan out your morning and evening routine including wake up and bedtimes.  Once you have your routine in place start “practicing” it early.  This will give your family time to adjust and also let you see what might need changing before you launch into it for real.

Meal Plan: Prepare meal plans (including lunches) in advance for a few weeks.  This will give you a chance to relax a bit and not be concerned about what meal comes next.  Also, try and set aside some time to freezer cook so that you can free up some extra time in the evening while you are adjusting.

Prepare Slowly: Don’t cram all the “back to school” activities into one trip to town.  Plan on spreading out the school shopping, hair cuts, doctors appointments, etc. into at least a few days so as to not overwhelm everyone.  Give yourselves plenty of time instead of waiting until the last week before to pack it all in.

Take it Easy: Start winding down activities and spending more time at home as a family.  Give yourselves time to relax and build up steam before heading into the busy school year.  Use sometime for preparing but also just enjoy each others company for a little bit and savor those last summer memories.

 Clean Up: Everyone always talks about spring cleaning but what about fall? Starting off the school year with a clean house will reduce stress and make things feel less chaotic and messy.  Besides, it will put everyone in the habit of cleaning up after themselves.

Preparing to go back to school

Back to school doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming.  Some planning and preparation, along with making a conscience effort to slow down and rest, can make the transition much easier for the whole family.   Do you have tips or strategies that you use when getting ready to go back to school? I’d love to hear them!

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