My View This Winter

I love snow.  I love snow so much that there is a snowflake permanently printed on my body (No, I’m not telling you where)…that is some serious snow love.  But friends I have a confession to make, I am officially over snow.

This winter has been a long and snowy one that’s for sure.  We’re up to 3.5ish feet out there with snow banks and drifts a good bit higher.  I can’t remember when we’ve had this much snow and there is still more coming!  I went ahead and ordered my seeds this past weekend but I’m not convinced I’ll ever be putting them in ground.  See that rectangular bump? Yeah, that was my garden and somewhere under there is an entire bed of garlic.

view this winter

Now, I don’t want to be nothing but complaints.  I am actually quite amazed at the snow we’ve gotten and how beautiful it makes our whole property look.  There is a little girl here who is beyond excited about it and is always asking to go “stomp stomp” in the snow.

winter view

How has winter been in your neck of the woods? Leave a comment and share, I’d love to hear all about it.