In my last post I shared how our original goals for the year became too overwhelming for us during the busy season that we are in.  Our goals were never meant to bog us down but to help move us forward, and so we adopted a “Just One” mentality.  I hope that some of you have found this outlook to be helpful!

Just One

Some days the goal we set or step we take is really small.  Yesterday, for example, my “Just One” was to double the batch of muffins I was baking so that I could stock the freezer with easy breakfasts.  This past weekend, it was to get the peas planted.  Nothing major or life changing but I was able to get them both done and they helped in their own little way.

Hands down, the best “Just One” step my family has made this year was to purchase our Young Living essential oil starter kit.  That one kit has allowed us to eliminate so many toxic chemicals from our home and has greatly improved our overall wellness.  I use the oils from the kit to clean, I diffuse them to create a calm atmosphere, I apply them to our skin to soothe us and boost our immunity, the list goes on and on!

May Starter Kit Special

When signed up for our wholesale membership (it’s a 24% discount for life) and purchased our kit, I received 11 oils plus a diffuser, samples, and tons of great information (a $300 value for $160).  It was such a great deal and made so much sense for our family.

So What?

All this to say, everyone who signs up for a Young Living wholesale membership by purchasing their starter kit in the month of May receives a free bottle of tangerine oil.  That’s 12 oils (I’m a little jealous because I only got 11).  Tangerine is a great addition, super bright and cheerful smelling and fantastic as an “air freshener”.

For more information about the starter kit and why we recommend it check out Essential Oils on the Homestead

Essential Oils on the homestead