For the month of October I am teaming up with Janelle from Perpetual Mischief to bring you a month-long mischief challenge! We’ll be posting little activities, questions, or tips all month long to get you and your family interacting, relaxing, and having fun together.  Sometimes they will be about mom, sometimes they’ll be about the kids, and sometimes they will be for everyone.  The goal is to bring some fun into our homes in simple, easy ways.

In order to stay up to date with all of our challenges please make sure you follow both Janelle and I on our social media accounts.  Sometimes we’ll post on Facebook (my page, her page)  and sometimes we’ll post on Instagram (my page, her page) using the hashtag #MonthofMischief.

We’d love to hear how your challenge is going so please post comments or pictures sharing with us.  If you post on Instagram use our hashtag #MonthofMischief so that we can follow along.

AND NOW…For your first challenge.

Our kick off, is going to be something easy.  During the day today, I challenge you to think:

What kind of fun do you want to have?

Is there something from your childhood that you used to do, and miss doing? Is there something you wish you could do with your kids? Are you looking to feel a little less stressed and open to having fun?

Take five minutes, put your feet up, relax in the car, or sip a little wine and let your mind wander…then pop over to one of our pages and tell us your answer! You might see some of your ideas come up as our challenge progresses.

Are you playing along?