This weather has me all a mess, it’s going to be in the 80s this week! I think it might time to bust out some salads and sandwiches and other hot weather meals.
This week I am teaching a Cloth Diaper Basics class at a local library.  The free workshop is open to anyone who wants to come learn how cloth diapers can help them save money and reduce their impact on the environment.  For more information, visit the event page HERE

 And now for the meal plan…

Breakfasts: I keep the pantry stocked with basic breakfast items and we pick what we want each day.  We usually have homemade yogurt, cereal / granola, and this week I made a batch of sourdough english muffins (they are quickly becoming our new favorite) *I have been pinning a lot of easy and healthy breakfast ideas to my “Breakfast and Lunch” Pinterest board, check it out for new ideas.

Lunches: I have a whole post with our strategies for packing healthy lunches plus it includes some of our favorite lunch ideas.  You can check it out HERE.

Dinners: I plan these out one for each night.  Typically we’ll have a “breakfast for dinner” night once a week, at least one meatless meal and one grain free meal.  I try to stick to traditional real food (no food dyes, artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners)  I also try to make as much from scratch as possible, it is cheaper that way and I can control the type and source of my ingredients.

Meal plan for the week of 4/30/17

  • Monday: Stromboli with kale salad
  • Thursday: Chicken and veggie soup, cheesy bread
  • Friday:  BLT pasta salad, fruit salad
  • Saturday: Chicken tacos and all the fixings
  • Sunday:  Sunday is our weekly prep night so we usually have leftovers or hardboiled eggs with a big salad.  

Simple, Real food, Meal Plan for a Busy Family