Looking ahead to 2017

Last year we chose one word to represent our goals for the year (it was FORWARD) and this year we decided to do the same thing.    If you are the kind of person who sets a bunch of goals in January and has given up by June than you might want to give this method a try.  Having just one word makes it easy to remember and allows us to refocus as much as we need to depending on the circumstances.

We know that 2017 will bring with it many new adventures as well as continuing with everything we moved “Forward” with in 2016.  You know that whole, have a baby, start a business stuff.  Yup, we’ve got to keep going with that plus a whole lot more. Because of that, we’ve decided that this years word will be…

Change for 2017

That’s right, Change, as in embrace it.  We ended 2016 with some big changes and now it’s time for us to make them work.  We’ve been in survival mode a bit while getting Squigglybugs up and running and adjusting to being a family of 4 and now we need to change things up and get out of surviving and into thriving.  We are setting some simple goals to help direct our change but overall will be focusing on establishing a good routine, pushing self-care, and looking for the good and positive in our lives.

Be the change quote

This is one of my favorite (likely misquoted) quotes.  It’s been really important to us since the election (and no, i will not debate politics with you).  We may not have control over all the changes that are happening around us but we can actively work to bring peace, encouragement and positive change.  So far its been a great series of lessons for Matilda (our 4 year old) and the whole family.

As I mentioned earlier, we are outlining some simple goals or steps that we can take to help direct our year.  I’ll highlight those for you in my next post and hope to post through out the year on some of the “Be the Change” lessons that we are doing together as family.

Do you set goals or choose a word for each new year? I’d love to hear what you have planned.