An incredible sale on fleece by the yard led me to trying to figure out what on earth I was going to do with a million yards of fleece….and thus I bring you…

Fleece Dog Toys


  • Scissors
  • 2 yards of fleece (1 in each color)
  • That’s it!

Handmade Fleece Dog toy

Step 1:

Cut 1 1/2 inch wide strips (2 for each color) and knot them together at one end.

Handmade Fleece Dog Toys

Step 2:

Have you ever made friendship bracelets out of that plastic lacing stuff? You know, the ones that were all the rage at summer camp? Yeah those.  These are made the exact same way except that instead of plastic lacing you have fleece strips.  So for all of you “friendship bracelet people” just go ahead and do the box stitch with your fleece…for everyone else, keep reading.

Choose one color of your fleece and fold them over the knot, creating two loops (my blue strips).   Take one of the other strips (my green strips) and weave it over one loop and under the next one.  Take the second strip and do the same thing going the opposite way (so under – over).

Handmade Fleece Dog Toys

Step 3:

Pull the strips tight.  Really tight….Really really tight. The tighter the better because dogs are going to be chewing on this and if its not tight they’ll probably shred it all over your living room.

Step 4:

Repeat until you have used up most of the fleece strips (leave enough to knot the end) and then knot the end.   *If you want, you can knot the rope that you’ve created in the middle to give the dog a little something extra to chew on.

These will make great Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners…Are you making gifts this year?