It’s Spring! Well, sort of.  We still have snow on the ground in some shady places and it’s still randomly dropping below freezing but still…it’s Spring! I’ve already started some seeds and have pulled out my canning recipes and notes to see what else I might want to plant this year.  That’s when i stumbled across this recipe for Green Tomato Chutney that I thought I shared with all of you a year ago but actually never did (I blame the mom brain).  So, let’s turn the diffuser on, travel back in time for a bit and see how I came up with this recipe in the first place.
Green Tomato Chutney, a story in using what you’ve got…
I’m not one to let anything go to waste so when the forecast suddenly called for temperatures in the 40s with heavy rain I knew I would need to clear the tomatoes out of the garden.  Not a day after I filled my big garden basket with the tomatoes at my house, the school garden manager told me to take whatever I could use out of the tomato beds because he was going to have to clear those before the weather changed.  So over the course of two days I ended up with 3 bags filled to the brim with green tomatoes and no idea what to do with them.  A few internet searches and a some serious trial and error led me to creating this green tomato chutney recipe.
My favorite way to use this chutney is by using it as a marinade for pork.  I’ll put a pork roast or chops into my crock pot and pour a jar of the chutney over the top.  It makes for a super yummy sort of spicy sort of sweet supper over rice or even on sandwiches.
 Canning Green Tomato Chutney

Green Tomato Chutney

2 gallons Green Tomatoes, chopped
2  Onions, chopped
2 Green Bell Peppers, chopped
2 Green Apples, chopped
1 cup Raisins chopped
3 cloves Garlic, minced
1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbsp Sea Salt
3/4ths of a cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar
Cook it all down in a big pot on the stove until the veggies are soft and it’s boiled for awhile (technical, I know) the longer you let it simmer for the more the flavors blend so just let it go for a bit.  I water bath canned this in pint jars and it filled a dozen.  Tomatoes are acidic and there is vinegar in this as well so it’s pretty easy to can but I would recommend following the directions from Ball for your region.
I can’t be the only one already dreaming of canning season right?  I’m so ready to get in the garden and get planting!
Green Tomato Chutney Recipe