It’s that time of year again, the excitement of summer has started to dwindle a bit and you are met with choruses of “I’m bored”…it’s not just me right? I have been on the look out for easy and free summer fun.  Little things to mix up our days and bring a little of that excitement back.  Of course I’m going to share our favorites with you.  I can’t let you sit at home with the bored chorusers, that’s just not right.

Free Summer Fun

Go to the Library: Books, games, puzzles, air conditioning, what’s not to love? Even better? Check the library calendar, most have free activities and summer reading events planned during the summer! So far this summer, we’ve been to story and craft times, a music and movement class, and a summer reading party with a magician.

Have a Car Wash:  Not real cars (though you could and that would be fun too).  I fill a bucket up with cold water and a squirt of castile soap and let Matilda wash her cars and trucks with it.  She has tons of fun, gets to cool off a little, and theres soap involved so it totally counts as a bath…right?

Free Summer Fun

Nature Art:  We love nature art! It doesn’t require any fancy art supplies or art skills which makes its so easy for even the youngest kids.  Our favorite way to make nature art is to collect leaves, flowers, and whatever else we find from around the yard (or on a walk) and then use them to make pictures or shapes.  We leave our art set up for anyone who walks by to enjoy.

Make a Treat:  We love to bake and cook together as a family.  My daughter is a big fan of helping in the kitchen.  When it’s too hot to want the oven on we’ll make frozen banana ice cream (literally just frozen bananas, a splash of almond milk, a bit of honey, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder).

Spread Love:  Earlier this year we wrote a big list of ways to spread love in your local community.  Summer is a great time to revisit that list and try out a few of them!

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