Personally, I love winter.  I love snow and hot cocoa, curling up by the woodstove and reading, big pots of soup with crusty sourdough bread.  It all sounds wonderful to me but…

Stuffy noses, grumpy attitudes, sore throats, and cabin fever also tend to appear during the winter, especially for families with young children.  All that time spent cooped up inside makes germs and cranky moods spread like wild fire.  I do my best to fight the funk and you can too.

5 Ways to Fight the Winter Funk


1.Get Fresh Air:  Bundle up and get outside, it will help so much!  Pick a day when the sun is shining and soak up that vitamin D (which we all tend to run low on during the winter).  Fresh air and fun will make a world of difference for little ones too.

2. Eat a Variety of Foods:  Make sure that you and your family are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables.  These will certainly help you keep your body running and ready to fight off all the bugs that come up this time of year.

5 Ways to Fight the Winter Funk

3. Exercise:  I am all about curling up by the stove, or having a family movie afternoon but it should always be balanced with some exercise.  Keeping your body moving helps to break up the long winter days and can do wonders for cabin fever.  We love Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.  It is fun kids and grown ups too.

4. Clean Up:  We always hear about spring cleaning and yes that’s important too but with all the colds and bugs that make their way around during the winter months, it’s important to keep cleaning.  Find a good, natural, toxin free cleaner, and give the house a good wipe down, especially if people have been sick.

5. Keep your Wellness Up:  Make sure to be boosting your immune system.  We use a lot of different products to help us stay well including essential oils.  Diffusing different oils can help with so many of the winter funks that we all end up with.  A bright citrus oil can increase our energy and give the whole house a bit of summer.  A good immune boosting blend can help us fight off the yuckies.

Want to learn more about using essential oils in your home and with your family?  We’re hosting a Facebook Live video workshop called “Essential Oils for the Family” on March 9th at 7:30 pm.  You can learn more and sign up to attend HERE.