Cloth Diapering a Newborn

With the next little homestead kid on the waywe’re starting to sort out the small amount of things we kept from Matilda (we consign most of our baby things as we are done using them) and putting together a list of things we’ll need to find at the local consignment shops and sales.  I know most people hold on to all their baby stuff but for us, it was much more practical to sell as we went.

We ended up making money off of things that would have just been clutter!

Some newborn sized diapers was one of the things that we held onto.  After a bit of trial and error with Matilda we figured out what we liked best and held on to those.  Newborns are easy to cloth diaper because they lay nice and still and aren’t trying to escape all the time (toddlers are a whole different ball game) but newborns are also notorious for making BIG messes.  I hear and see so many newborn parents complaining about blow-outs and ruining entire outfits.  Well, guess what? cloth diapers are designed to prevent blow-outs!

Newborn Cloth Diapering

My Favorite Way to Cloth Diaper a Newborn


Prefolds are rectangles of fabric that have been layered or “prefolded” and stitched together.  These can come in a variety of different, natural materials including cotton, hemp and bamboo.  I prefer unbleached cotton because it is very easy to keep clean.  They also happen to be one of the most inexpensive ways to cloth diaper making them great for families who are looking into cloth as a way to save money (disposables are expensive!)

Prefolds can be used in a variety of ways which makes them a great choice for newborns.  You can easily try them a few different ways and decide what is working best for you and your baby.  My favorite way to use them is called the “Jelly Roll Fold” (see video HERE), it is perfect for containing newborn messes. *Big thanks to Dirty Diaper Laundry for the awesome video.

newborn cloth diaper


Covers are waterproof shells that snap or velcro over your absorbent layer, in the case of my favorite newborn system, that’s the prefold.  Covers also come in a variety of styles but all are designed to be that waterproof barrier between the mess and cute baby clothes.  I much prefer snaps as they seem to hold up longer and are easier to care for.  Most covers also include rise snaps which allow you to adjust depending on how long your baby is through the torso.  I really like this feature because I have teeny little babies and I am still able to get a good fit.


Newborn Cloth Diapering

Questions About Cloth?

I love to encourage other parents to give cloth diapers a try.  They are better for the environment, less expensive in the long run, and gentle on baby skin.  It can sometimes seem like a lot to start out with which is why I have set up my cloth diaper resource page with links to all of my posts.  Also on that page you’ll find my contact information.  Feel free to send me a message or pop over to my facebook page for more help!