Can you believe I’ve been blogging in one form or another for almost 6 years? I can’t! It seems like I’m just getting started.  We’ve taken some twists and turns with the blog before finally coming to deciding that helping families get started with homesteading and natural living was where our hearts were.  In honor of almost 6 years of work and writing,  I’m sharing our readers top 5 favorite posts with you.  Take a little walk through the archives and see where we’ve been and what we’ve learned.

Top 5 Favorite Posts

8 Things We Don’t Spend Money On: Saving money is so important especially when starting out in homesteading.  This post gives you 8 things to start doing yourself and saving money on.

8 things we don't buy

When Real Food Goes Camping Part 1: The first part of a 2 part series on eating real healthy meals while camping.  The second part includes a meal plan that is easy to follow and tasty too!
Going Camping with a Real Food Diet

Simple Healthy Coffee Creamer: This super easy recipe allows you to make flavored coffee creamer at home for less money and with real food ingredients.

Real Food Coffee Creamer

Taming the Laundry Beast: Laundry gets out of hand quickly but it is possible to get it back out of control.  This post has some great tips for simplifying the way you do your laundry to make it easier for you.

Taking control of the laundry

The Ultimate Nighttime Cloth Diaper:  Nighttime diapering can be tricky but I figured out a great solution.  Cloth diapering is inexpensive, better for the environment and so much better for baby!

The best cloth diaper for nighttime

These were our readers top 5 posts so far…I’m curious to see what comes next.  Thanks for reading and following along on our journey with us, we hope you’ll come along on the next 6 years with us too!