I don’t know about all of you, but I am busy! Between homesteading and Squigglybugs plus family, friends, and everything else.  I rarely have time to think a full thought.  I love to learn new things and research ways we can grow and improve as a family but it’s hard to find the time…you know what I mean?

essential oil questions

Thats why I put together this essential oils in 5 minutes or less video event.  Essential oils have made a huge difference in our lives and I love telling others about them.  This workshop will allow busy folks, like me, to learn about these awesome oils in a series of short videos.  Starting on June 19th, I’ll post one video a day for 4 days, making it easy to follow along and hard to get overwhelmed.  I’ll be there every day to answer questions and respond to your comments. We’re going to keep it simple, keep it clear, and get you the information you need.

Head on over to the event page to learn more about it and join before June 19th.  Feel free to invite friends, the more the merrier!

Essential Oils in 5 Minutes