Some of the awesomest (yes that’s a word) brands in cloth diapers have joined together to host a “Make Cloth Mainstream” challenge for Earth Day.  I’ve jumped on board and even though I don’t have a little one in diapers I’ve challenged myself to look for ways to ditch the other disposable things in our lives (paper towels, plastic bags, etc.)  SO…


Join us! 

If you have a little diaper wearer consider making a switch to cloth diapers, if you already cloth diaper part time than try and go full time.  I’m here to help answer any questions you might have, point you in the direction of brands / products to try out, and if you live local you can even borrow some of my diapers!  Visit my Diaper Parties page for more detailed information about cloth diapers and why you should give them a try.


If you are past the diaper stage consider ditching some other disposables.  Trade out paper towels for cloth, plastic bags for storage containers or reusable grocery bags, you could even ditch the to-go cups for a travel mug! Every little bit makes a positive impact on the environment and on your wallet.


Head on over to our facebook page and tell us how you are ditching the disposables! We’ll be sharing information for the next 3 weeks to help and we’d love it if you posted updates and questions for us too.

Let’s ditch the disposables and #MakeClothMainstream !