Cloth Diaper Resources

Starting from before Matilda was even born, I began researching ways to care for her health and personal needs in as natural and simple a way as possible.  That led me to cloth diapers and the rest is history!

Because of my love for cloth I’ve teamed up with Squigglybugs LLC to spread the word and teach people about how inexpensive, safe and easy cloth diapers are.  Squigglybugs is an awesome online retailer that carries the best (and safest!) cloth diapers, babywearing supplies and natural care items.  By teaming up with them I’m able to teach workshops and classes, write blog posts and share the love!  

When you purchase items through my link you not only get awesome products but you get me! your very own educator.  I’m available to answer any questions, give demonstrations, and help you troubleshoot…for FREE. Consider me your personal diaper fairy.


You can contact me here or through my Facebook Page with questions or for more information. 


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