With a move coming in the middle of the summer, I had to get creative with my garden.  Since I wanted to be able to move the majority of our plants to the new house, I decided to go with container gardens.

These simple and portable gardens will make it easy to pack up mid-way through the growing season without risking our harvest.

Container gardens are also great if you are just starting out. You can grow herbs, vegetables, and fruit without a lot of work and without a lot of space. Windowsills, front steps, even fire escapes are all that you’ll need as far as space is concerned. Potting soil, seeds, and a few containers is all that you’ll need for supplies.

Here are some of my favorite container garden ideas, even when I have a big garden I still set some these up because they work so well.

My Best Container Garden Tips5 Simple Container Gardens

Kitchen Herb Garden: Small pots of basil, oregano, thyme or cilantro (whatever you use most often) will grow very well in a kitchen window. They will keep you in fresh herbs all year long with good sunlight and consistent watering.

Front Walk Strawberries: Strawberries grow well in direct sunlight and can spread like crazy when planted in the ground. A long trough like pot (often called window box) is a great container for keeping strawberries in check. You can plant a few of them and line your walkway with them for a yummy snack as you come and go.


Salad Basin: A watering basin (you can find these at farm and pet stores) is big enough for several different kinds of leafy greens. No more buying those expensive salad mixes at the grocery store, you can get yours right from your front yard or back deck. Most greens are fairly hardy and will grow into the fall depending on your region. I live in New England and am able to grow kale and spinach into November most years.

Tomato Tower: Small cherry or grape varieties of tomatoes grow really well in a large flower pot. Once the plant gets a few inches tall, add a tomato cage or a few stakes to encourage the plant to grow upwards. This will create a fun tower of tomatoes that will be a unique feature to your front steps or patio.

Tea Pot: A few flower pots can easily become your supply of fresh herbs for tea. I keep Lemon Balm (sometimes called Melissa) growing by a window in my dining room. Whenever I want a cup of tea I can go in a pick some.   Peppermint and catnip are two others that would do well in this type of setting. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep the catnip up high if you have cats in the house.

My Best Container Garden Tips

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