I am blogging along with the Real Diaper Association  for their “School of Cloth” month.  This weeks theme is Dads and cloth diapers so I had Ian put together his top 5 reasons to cloth diaper for you.

1. They are bright and colorful: This makes them easy to find in a diaper bag or at the bottom of the drawer and lets face it, the easier to find the better.

2. The snaps are good practice since all baby clothes are covered in annoying snaps:  Snaps are not fun, trying to snap clothes onto a wriggling sack of jello is even less fun.  Luckily, all those diaper snaps make for great practice and changes become a breeze.  BONUS: snaps are next to impossible for toddlers to remove, which means they aren’t taking off their own diapers and finger painting with the contents.

3. They have more personality and look nicer on a baby:  Disposable diapers look saggy and lumpy plus they smell like weird chemicals.  Cloth diapers are bright colors and fun prints which makes them pretty much an outfit.

4. They are more cost effective: Who doesn’t like to save money? Cloth diapers might seem pricey at first but dang do those boxes of disposables add up.  These guys pay for themselves and then some!

5. They make your wife happy: A happy wife makes for a happy life right? Being a mom is a tough job but there happens to be a whole community around cloth diapers and that helps moms make friends and get advice.

Dad's and Cloth Diapers

What are your reasons for liking cloth diapers? I’d love for you to share them here or over on our Facebook page.  If you are looking for a great place to buy those brightly colored, personality-filled, snap practicing diapers check out Squigglybugs LLC (and tell them Kailyn Shippee sent you) We’ve got all best modern brands at great prices!