Originally, we had decided to sell our current house and move to something a bit bigger before the baby arrived.  However, as fate (or the real estate market) would have it, that didn’t work out and we are home sweet home for at least the time being.  Moving is in our future but not yet.

Once we settled on staying put, it was time to get ready for baby.  This has been an ongoing process with lots of decluttering, rearranging and redecorating.  The kids are going to be sharing a room while we are in this house and since #futurehomesteadkid is a mystery we needed a room that could work for both girls and boys.

A Camping Themed Bedroom

Camping Themed Kids Room

The room is very small and with 2 windows, a closet, a slanted ceiling, and crawl space access, it’s next to impossible to put furniture in there. This room is the main reason we had wanted to move, it’s a big pain to try and use efficiently.   Thank God for Ikea! The Kura bed was the perfect solution.  Tilly has the top and since the baby will stay with us for the first year or so she can use the bottom as play space.  Once we switch the baby over, we’ll run a small railing along the bottom to make it more crib like.   A big dresser is serving as a changing table, and we added a shelf above it and a set of cubbies to the room for more storage.

We chose “camping” as a theme for the kids room since we knew Tilly would love it and that it would be a pretty easy to keep it gender neutral.  I had way too much fun DIYing just about everything I could.  We loved the trail signs that the National Park Service uses so I painted up some of those and of course we had to include some mountains and adventure!

Now, painting tends to make me nervous.  I have such a hard time choosing paint colors and I’m always afraid its going to end up awful.   We went with a warm tan color that I was a little scared would be too “peachy” but thankfully, we managed alright.  We wanted something neutral enough to be used regardless of how the room ends up (especially with selling in our future) but that was also warm and cheerful since that room tends to be on the darker side.

I’m so happy with how the room came out and I can’t wait to see them both playing in it!

Camping Themed kids room

Afraid of Painting?

My friend and fellow Welcome Home Wednesdays Hostess, Betsy, just came out with this awesome Ebook called” Inside the Paint Can” that is super helpful for scaredy painters like me.  She walks you through finding inspiration, choosing the right colors and supplies, and has tons of great tips for making sure each wall comes out perfectly!  Right now, she’s also offering a free printable planner along with the book, the planner helps you keep track of the colors, brands, and types of paint you’ve used in each room so that you don’t have to play a guessing game when you are trying to touch things up later which is super useful when trying to sell your house…not that I ran into that problem or anything (Don’t look too closely at my bulk head, it may not match the front door anymore).

You can order your copy of  Inside the Paint Can and conquer your painting fear today!