Previously, I’ve written posts about our goals for the new year (you can see 2015 for an example)  but this year I’m changing it up a bit.  Oh, don’t worry we are still working toward our family goal, i’m just thinking about it a little differently this year.

Family Goal
“To live a simple, self-sufficient, and sustainable life” 

This year instead of brainstorming a list of projects and ideas I’m choosing to focus on one word.  Yup, just one word.  One word to help us make decisions, focus our thoughts, projects, and ideas.  One word to motivate us and to help keep us working together.

I know, it might sound too simple or silly but, i’m really excited about it.  I love simplifying things and i’m really hoping that this takes some of the pressure off while keeping us focused.  And so, I give you our family’s word for 2016…

our word 2016

Forward, thats it. We need to move forward and not get hung up on failed projects, not get jealous of others progress, and not get distracted or frustrated.  The decisions that we make and the projects that we start need to move us forward towards our goal.  I’m already loving the focus this has given me and I hope to update you through out the year.

Are you setting goals or choosing a word for the year? I’d love to hear all about it! Feel free to share here in the comments or on our facebook page.