Last Sunday we spent the day working around the homestead.  It was a pretty normal weekend day for us but I decided to give you all a bit of a behind the scenes peek.  I shared these photos (not all but most) on our Instagram account on Monday so you can also hop on over there and follow us.

So let’s get started with our day…

Homestead Day 1

Breakfast time! We are early risers here and are usually sitting down to breakfast just before 7 am.  Yes, I would love to sleep in but no one around here (animals included) seems to let that happen.  Today we had chocolate strawberry overnight oats, which is one of my favorite prep ahead breakfasts.  It takes 2 minutes to mix up the night before and it’s ready whenever we are hungry.

Homestead Day 2

Laundry time! We do a good amount of laundry around here. 4 people and cloth diapers will do cause that to happen.  I absolutely love when I can dry laundry on the line.  It saves us a lot of electricity and who doesn’t love crisp clean smelling laundry! 

Homestead day 3

Our local small family grocery store was having a huge produce sale so we stopped in and stocked up.  Peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and fresh corn on the cob.  We buy a lot of corn when it’s in season locally.  Today we bought 12 ears, we’ll cook 3 for dinner tonight and then blanch and freeze the rest.  By fall we usually have enough corn in the freezer to last us through the winter.

The diffuser is running while we clean up around the house and change out Clovers (our rabbit) pen.  Today we are diffusing Thieves blend for an immune system boost because we’ve had the summer sniffles, and orange for a burst of energy to get us through the rest of the day.  Using our essential oil diffuser is a pure, toxin free, way of freshening the air.  You couldn’t even tell that we were changing over rabbit shavings!

Homestead Day 5

After a supper of hamburgers, corn on the cob, and salad we hit the garden to pick peas, black raspberries, and give everything a good watering.  I much prefer to work in the garden in the evening.  It’s so much cooler and much more enjoyable for all of us.  Lincoln peas are my favorite type of shelling pea to grow.  They produce a ton and taste so sweet.  We are freezing a lot of them for the rest of the year but this batch is destined for dinner tomorrow night.

Bedtime for the little ones.  They spent lots of time playing and helping today so after quick baths they were ready to sleep.  We love our cloth diapers, especially wool covers for night time.  We can put Bowen to bed knowing he is comfortable and dry and will be that way when he wakes up in the morning too.  At Squigglybugs we carry a large selection of cloth diapers and we love to help other families get started.  You can always email us at with questions.


One last round of oils before I head to bed myself. Lavender and copaiba to help me sleep soundly and more thieves because I have been hit the hardest with the dreaded summer cold and my immune system needs the boost.  We use Young Living essential oils and all their household and personal care products because they are the purest and most natural I have ever seen, and I did a lot of research.  The company has a Seed to Seal promise that details all of the different steps they take to ensure the best quality products and I love how transparent they are with it.

We started on our oily journey with a premium starter kit and that’s what I recommend to everyone.  It’s the most affordable way to get everything you need to get started (including the oils I just pictured above and so many more).  You can find out more about the kit and why I recommend it here:

Essential Oils on the Homestead