Our New England Home and Squigglybugs LLC are teaming up to help spread love in our community and encourage you to spread love in yours!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, our word for 2017 is CHANGE. One of the things we are doing this year is focusing on bringing about positive change not only within our family but also within our community.  We are choosing to spread love instead of negativity because we know that it is a chain reaction and the more love we share and spread the more others will too.

Be the change quote

We put together a list of 25 things that your whole family can to do spread love around your local community.  These are simple, easy things that kids can help with.  The cost is low (if there is any cost at all) and they can be done in an evening or on a weekend afternoon.  We hope that by sharing this list we can encourage other families to get out in their communities and bring about a little positive change.

25 Ways to Spread Love

  1.  Send “Thank you” cards to people who have given you gifts (Christmas wasn’t that long ago) or to people who have helped you out
  2. Leave a bottle of water and a note in your mailbox for the delivery person
  3. Go on a litter walk
  4. Got a garden? Drop off any extra produce to the local senior center
  5. Call your town or state representatives, let them know how you feel about local issues and thank them for listening and working hard for your community
  6. Paint positive signs to hang around town.  Keep them simple like “Spread Love”  and only hang them where you have permission to
  7. Call a food pantry and ask if they need help stocking shelves or cleaning off cans
  8. Bring some stuffed animals to the ambulance corps, they can give them to hurt or sick kids to help them stay calm in the ambulance
  9. Walk dogs or pet cats at an animal shelter
  10. Drop off cards or kids artwork to a nursing home, ask the nurses to give them to residents who don’t often get visitors
  11. Bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbors
  12.  Go through your closets and donate the clothes you don’t wear (as long as they are in good condition)
  13. Use less disposable products
  14. Shop locally to help support the small businesses in your area  25 ways to spread love MLK quote
  15. Host a pot luck dinner
  16. Have a lemonade stand and donate your earnings to charity
  17. Bring a few toys that your kids have outgrown to the doctors / dentist office waiting room
  18. Sweep or shovel the sidewalk
  19. Participate in town events (fairs, parades, races, etc.)
  20. Go to town or local government meetings, listen to what’s going on and share your thoughts
  21. Put together simple care kits (granola bar, hand sanitizer, warm socks, etc.) and drop them off at the police department, they’ll know who needs them
  22. Volunteer to spruce up a park or playground, bring your friends to help
  23. Call the elementary school and ask about coming in to teach or share about your hobby or job
  24. Pick up a few coffees and bring them by the police or fire departments
  25. Leave coupons that you aren’t using at the stores for other people.  *I do this in the diaper aisle all the time

25 ways to spread love in your community

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference, a simple cup of coffee really can set things in motion and lead to a better community.

I’d love to hear how you use this list and if you have anything else to add to it! Leave a comment or head over to our Facebook page to share.