Updated: 2/19/2016
I share a lot about our adventures and projects, even our weekly meal plan, but rarely do I actually talk about who we are.  Since, we’re always getting new visitors  to our little corner of the internet I figured it was about time I tell you a little bit more about us.  Just so we’re all on the same page, Ian and I have been married for almost 6 years. Matilda is our 3 year old daughter (you can read about her birth HERE) and Fenway is our 5 year old pointer / beagle.

10 Things About Us

10 Things You Should Know About Us (in no particular order)


1.We named our property “Half Moon Homestead” when we started selling jams and pickles at a farmers market.

2. Matilda Piper is most commonly called Tilly but will answer to any number of nicknames. Our favorite is Tildabeast.

3. Ian is a licensed pilot and Tilly is actually named after the type of airplane he flies, Piper Cubs.

4. The sign from my grandfathers dairy goat farm hangs in our front room, Ian gave it a good cleaning and a new coat of stain when we found it buried in his old barn.

10 Things About Us


5. Fenway was adopted when he as just a puppy and definitely has the quirks that come with a rescue dog.  Like insisting on sleeping with his head on my pillow.

6. We saved approximately $1000 by cloth diapering Tilly.  I loved it so much that I became a cloth educator for an awesome online retailer, Squigglybugs.  You can learn more about cloth HERE.

7.  Both Ian and I work at a school for children on the autism spectrum.  I teach middle/high school science and he teaches 3-4th grade.

8. Tilly loves to help us out around the homestead, so much so that she even has her own apron, wheel barrow, and watering can. I’ve shared a lot of the ways we’ve encouraged this in a post called Teaching Young Children to Help.

10 Things About Us

9. Ian plays the french horn and we even had his brass quintet play all the music for our wedding, they found a back up horn player though since Ian was a little busy.

10. My favorite things to cook are breakfast food.  If you read our meal plans you’ll notice that “Breakfast for Dinner” appears at least once a week.

So now that you know a little more about us, what should we know about you? Feel free to tell us more about yourself and why you read our blog in the comments or on our Facebook page.