Not that chicken, but you get the idea

I am all about saving money and stretching groceries.  My absolute favorite way to do that is what I like to call “chicken in a crock pot”…I’m so creative, I know.  Seriously though, if you’ve got a chicken and a crock pot you are ready to go.

I start by shopping around till I find the best deal I can on a roasting chicken (antibiotic and growth hormone free is a must, free range is preferred, locally raised is ideal).  I chuck the chicken in the crock pot along with some roughly chopped garlic, onions, celery, etc.  Top it with a couple pads of butter, crank it up to “low” and go to work.
By the time we get home it’s good and cooked.  I’ll mash up some taters, warm up some peas and dinner is served.  But wait… we’re not done yet.

Chicken broth cooling on the counter

After dinner, I’ll take all the leftover meat off the bones and store it in the refrigerator.  The bones, skin, and whatnot go back into the crock pot (I leave the veggies from the first round in there too).  Fill it with water, turn it on and let it go for at least 24 hours….tadah! Chicken stock.
Strain the stock into jars, let them cool and then into the fridge or freezer they go.  Now, you’ve got stock to make soup, sauces, whatever you like.
Are we done now?…nope!

Chopped salad with shredded chicken

You still have the leftover chicken in the fridge.  Usually it isn’t quite enough to be a meal on it’s own but it can easily be stretched by using it in a casserole, soup, or as chicken salad.  We love using it in fried rice along with lots of veggies but really it’s up to you.   Visit my recipes board on pinterest for even more ideas!

There you have it. 1 chicken gave you 2 dinners plus enough stock for at least another 2 meals.

What is one way you save money on groceries?

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